Zhejiang Dayang Sewing Machine Co., Ltd. is committed to the implementation of Japan from the business started TQM total quality management, from business processes and management aspects of the business conducted in-depth reforms to eliminate waste. Business, in the face of increasing product variety and sales, business content and business volume is increasing, much of the work carried out on the consolidation and compression; now to strengthen the management of the site 7S management, the introduction of Lean Manufacturing (Lean Production Toyota production model from Japan, is recognized as the best current industry production system and production of the organization. It is a world-class competitive weapon, but also a management philosophy and corporate culture of excellence. lean production core idea is to eliminate waste, continuous improvement, customer focus and respect for humanity.) Kanban system, by ordering kanban, picking billboards, billboards selling the library scanning, management of all aspects of signage for efficient, accurate and timely data entry, Invoicing in the production and realization of various aspects of materials management and intelligent management of digital, real-time logistics information will be reflected in the management front, greatly improving the efficiency of management, significantly reducing manual error rate; in terms of production management, logistics more timely and accurate data, can produce abnormal changes in demand and respond quickly. Kanban management system implementation and application, greatly reducing non-value added activities of the enterprise, productivity, inventory and quality are a substantial improvement in reducing material procurement cycles, reduce inventory, improve production and management efficiency.

  Kanban procurement to help companies, health management, and warehouse personnel, procurement, production and warehousing services for effective management and control, providing life-cycle management Kanban, Kanban pull-type production technology and other functions. Pull the enterprise management and ERP systems combine organic, to help companies achieve a specific fixed nature of production.

  Time by implementing pull production as the core of lean production management, with Kanban, balanced production, simultaneous production, total quality management and other management techniques, through constant exposure to the problem, continue to improve, with full respect for human nature, to develop people role, as well as full participation in the improvement and rationalization proposals, greater help enterprises improve customer satisfaction and loyalty, increase the company's overall profit.

  In recent years, through the implementation of lean production management, allowing companies to reduce production cycle of 60-90%, 50-80% reduction in products, production efficiency 10-100% failure rate reduced by 30%, reducing work-related injury 50%. Has been called "the machine that changed the world."

  Everything from the market demand, so that enterprises from the "push" production gradually to "pull" production, manufacturing excellence to achieve lean production. Lean excellent management applications for our company, the following effectiveness of the application:
  First, standardize and optimize business processes, enhance the enterprise's internal management and control, reduced friction;
  Second, lean enterprise management to new heights, the company's productivity, inventory and quality are a substantial improvement in material procurement cycle was shortened due to lower inventory and capital savings of 200 million yuan per year;
  Third, to fully tap the potential use of information technology, eliminate duplicate operations, reduce waste, the efficiency of the various functional departments is greatly improved, save office costs (paper) 1.1 million / year;
  Fourth, the bar code and product logistics channel system together. Through the serial number bar code, the establishment of each product's "file." Easily recorded for each production, quality testing, the flow of sales, customer feedback and other information applications. Achieve the tracking of each machine;
  Fifth, to help us achieve parts spare parts supplies for the refinement of management, logistics and financial integration, greatly improving our efficiency. In addition, a good site to achieve the production kanban management and effective unified ERP systems to improve production efficiency and speed of response.

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