R & D

  Zhejiang Dayang Sewing Machine Co., sewing machinery and equipment in the field of cutting systems, has formed a comprehensive development and quality assurance system, and has been the first in China to achieve a cutting machine in the field of industry, advanced composite technology in the international and domestic advanced level. Meanwhile, the construction of 2,000 square meters of provincial-level enterprise technology R & D center, forming: product innovation and technical design, system integration and application technology, mechanical engineering and electrical manufacturing, process technology and equipment, friction materials, lab-based technology applications. Meanwhile, the company continued to strengthen R & D center infrastructure and research and development equipment conditions, with leading-class research, testing and production equipment and a full set of experimental equipment.

  The company annual sales income of 5% higher than the investment for research and development, established a global technology, talent, experience and quality management of R & D platform, with wide domestic and international high-level scientific and technological talents to build a multi-disciplinary, multi- matched the level of high-quality professional development personnel, employed in the Canadian Environmental Protection Agency and software development company as a doctoral student's research and development center as chief technical adviser. Center has 36 staff, 28 full-time researchers, including 2 doctors, professors, senior engineers, graduate students, nine senior, intermediate grade 18.

  To ensure the smooth progress of product development and innovative technologies to create exquisite high quality lower than the product, focusing on independent research and development, and strengthen the external cooperation, the company separately with Nanjing University, Zhejiang University, Zhejiang University and other renowned institutions to carry out extensive exchanges and cooperation .

  The establishment of corporate R & D center, one to speed up new product development process, to provide users with solutions that enhance the value-added products, technologies and services, improve the economic efficiency of enterprises; second time to improve their production processes, improve product quality, and create a good brand image, to consolidate and expand market share; third is to achieve rapid transformation and improve the quality of the product, the pace of enterprise development, relatively healthy,
Product mix to achieve a high-end upgrade. "

  In recent years, Zhejiang Dayang Sewing Machinery Co., Ltd. garment cutting machine as the core content, research and development focus to the market segment, have introduced the unique features of the "LIGHT, all black, curved blade shell, beam dynamometer load device, dual voltage, cooling, conversion "and other products based on the successful launch of R & D" computer servo cutting machine, carpet cutting machine, extra-thick multi-layer material off the loom, thick material layer Cutter Machine "and other emerging transformation and upgrading leading products, to build a cutting machine in the field of professional R & D personnel, knowledge systems and development platforms. Computer servo cutting machine has access to key new products, the provincial high-tech products, the title of outstanding scientific and technological achievements.

  Corporate R & D center from its inception, the company's rapid growth in patent applications. Cutting Machine products in the field of the "gearbox oil security structure, rails embedded in graphite-style belt slide bearing Ferry, anti-wear center slider, vertical move off anti-wear, anti-wear bevel gear shaft, integrated feet, the new fan, new chassis, new handle, new front cover, new rear cover, new oil cup, panel interface, worm, blade, hand-held electric scissors "and other intellectual property patents, in the off cloth machine products in the field of "elastic device, Raab institutions, set cloth bodies, mobile rack, power off the short-circuit protection device, infrared control system" and other intellectual property patents. As of the end of 2010, the number of patent applications has more than 50 authorized, of which invention patents, utility model patents, 32, 19 design patents, the patent ownership in domestic enterprises ranked first, has been the provincial patent model enterprises title. Included in the State Ministry of Science and Innovation Fund project, the National Torch Plan projects an inclusion of new technologies, the first sets of provincial products 1, 2 provincial-level high-tech products. Companies actively participate in meetings and events industry standard, in China Light Industry Machinery Standardization Committee and the national clothing clothing washing machine technology standards organization committees. Mechanical drafting industry, mainly clothing and Straight Knife Cutting Machine Round Knife Cutting Machine standards, the industry continued to contribute to innovative technologies and solutions.

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