The YZJ series ultrahigh hydraulic pressure pipe expanding machine mainly consists of a hydraulic pressure system, a pipe expanding gun, a pipe expanding head, a high-pressure hose, a control box and so on. The principle is that a method for expanding a pipe by using hydraulic pressure as power is used, namely the hydraulic pressure system generates and converts hydraulic pressure, the hydraulic pressure is injected into a liquid bag through a rod of the pipe expanding gun, and liquid pressure is applied to the inner wall of the pipe by using a bulging effect of the liquid bag, so that the pipe is tightly connected with a pipe plate.


(1)    One-time group expanding ensures accurate positioning and small error, the pipe is regular after both ends are expanded, and the expanding pressure of each expanding point is uniform.

(2)    Two end faces are subjected to one-time group expanding which ensures short expanding time, high speed and high work efficiency, reduces cost and solves the problem that time and labor consumption is high in the original single hole expanding.

(3) The expanding process requirement of condenser manufacturing equipment is improved, the service life of the equipment is prolonged, expanding reliability is increased, and earthquake resistance is high; and the problems of loosening, expanding defect, short service life and so on after use are solved.




(1) A hydraulic pressure expanding method is adopted, expanding pressure is randomly selected, and the machine is easy to operate.

(2) The inner hole, pipe wall thickness and expanding length of the expanded pipe are unlimited, and can be tailor-made according to the actual machining parameter requirement.

(3) The depth of the expanding head inserted into the pipe hole can be accurately determined.

(4) High pipe expanding efficiency, reliable connection, no mechanical damage, no axial elongation of pipes and low stress corrosion

(5) The pipe expanding pressure of the expanding head can be accurately set and is displayed on a controller.

(6) The expanding head has long service life and can be used for attach expanding for thousands of times.

(7) Carbon steel, stainless steel, copper and titanium alloy steel and a composite metal material can be expanded.

(8) A welding process of the pipe is not influenced before and after expanding.

(9) The machine is provided with temperature control equipment and suitable for low-temperature work environment.

(10) The machine is provided with a complete set of intelligent automatic control system and automatic pressure stabilizing system, has record printing and voice fault prompting functions, realizes digital display, and is easy to operate and use.

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