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Four-sins nation of X, Y. 2, C firms a 30 putting surface. which cuts all kinds of curves perfectly. Servo motor and frequency converter are used to complete the accuracy of instructions. Unique software automatic control system can automatically distinguish straight lines or arm when cutting and adjust cutting speed according to lens to achieve high precision.
Win Integral adsorption. flat fabrics. good consistency. unique grinding. even end smooth knife edge. it achieve* high-precision utling.

Energy saving and high efficiency:
Sealed bristle rotary chamber, no leakage. Seven levels of adsorption force can be selected to reduce unnecessary adsorption strength. Plastic film is recovered synchronously when cutting, covering the edge, reducing the leakage caused by the gap, all of which save the power energy consumption.
Save consumables:
According to different materials, adiuet the interval of gnn6ng to change the Ids of knife. The attar is anti-static, but no requirement for consunrables. Th. rotary tirade adopts synchronous belt an both sides. and the friction is sm l between the belt and bearing, reducing the wear and saving conwrmblss. The grinding Mono is mad. of carborundum to increase ifs wear resistance and service We. The bristle is made of special nylon macromolecule, which has good flexibility and is easy to avoid knfs, prolonging the service We (about 113 longer than that of similar equipment),

A distinctive way of controlling:
Controlling the equipment by PC with four axes of X. Y, 2 (turning), C (knife up and down) and driving by servo motor. There are uniform sir holes under the bristles. auctioning uniformly to make the fabric smooth and improve the cutting accuracy. The cloth chips produced after cutting are filtered through the filter and discharged outdoors through the muffling pipeline. The working environment is clean and will not stain the fabrics of differst colors with flying dust. Due to the sealed box reducing air leakage. it can save electricity to the maxnxan extent and work normally at 15 KW
Fast The cutting speed is 4 to 6 tram hater than manual operation. Especially for the order which is of small quantity, but venous styles and short delivery tints, ban be rapid production.

Accuracy: The knife is repeatedly up-down cutting. accurate and fast. The safe distance of patterns can reach 0.1.1 mm and be cut continuously. It avoids he damage to fabrics by laser cutting or error by manual cutting, which a accurate and ensures the Culling quality. Economizing. The utilization of fabrics can be increased by more Own 5%. which directly economizes on fabric cost
1. Implemented European technology and standard, it i exckusiwly designed to cut muMayer of soft fabrics, which roaches the leading level in performance, stability. accuracy, etc. It's suitable to cut any height within 7 cm (woven fabrics: within 5 cm).
2. his of fast cutting. low noise, safe and reliable operation. The maxanum knife motor rotation speed reaches 6800 r/mn and maximum cutting speed 90 nlhrkn.
3. h is cutting by straight knife vibration. no pollution to materials. Its applied to cut soft and thin materials n the industries of lextile, garment, beg, shoes and hats, automobile seats, bedroom accessories, aerospace, health care, etc. Meanwhile, knife cooling device is optional to cut sticky fabrics
4 The control system a compatible, fast. stable and comprehensive. It supports and Converts mukisource data. easily reading various cutting file formats and convenient to input and exchange documents. Also, upgraded device can be selecled for remote control.
5. Thanks to section adsorption and cutting, cutting, picking and spreading of materials are able to be operated at the same time, which saws ten, and improves efficiency The control panel is easy to operate and clear to understand
6. Exclusive vacuum adsorption technology create a quint and comfortable working envlrorment.
Model DY-2007L
Size 2950(W) x 7850(L) x 1900(H)
Effective Cutting Width 2000mm
Effective Cutting Length 3300mm
Cutting Capacity 70mm(After Vacuum Adsorption)
Knife Motor Speed 6800r/min
Cutting Speed 0-60000mm/min
Cutting Accuracy 0.1-1mm
Cutting Mode Repeated Up-down Cutting
Gas Pressure 0.55Mpa
Gas Flow Rate 160L/min
Voltage AC380VThree-phase four-core 25 square power cord
Frequency 50HZ
Power 30KW
Weight 3500kg


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