Variable Speed (1000 ro 3600 r/min), Computerized


Product Uses:

It is the optimal cutting machine in the fabrics industry, not only because it is applied to cut various materials, such as cotton, wool, linens, silks, chemical fiber, carpets, umbrella cloth, denim, vinyl tiles, plastic carpets, stretch cotton, sacking, etc, but also because it has features of efficiency, auto-sharpening, high power, lower noise, low temperature, light weight, smooth operation, small resistance, freely cutting, easy and simple to operate, energy-saving, environmental-friendly, etc.


Characteristics and Functions:

- Spare and accessory parts of the machine are of high quality, high technology and ultra wear-resistance. Through special fabrication processing, the appearance looks elegant. The outer coating is against oxidization, scratch and radiation, and always keeps its color in the original condition.

The intelligent control system is more scientific and user-friendly. Speed and power can be set at will.

- Sharpening button. Press it and sharpening lever, the machine will automatically sharpen at the best speed 3000 r/min. Press it again to get back to the previous speed you set.

It can detect the speed, power, voltage and current.

It is a multi-purpose cutter of efficiency, high power, energy saving, light weight, low temperature, simple operation, practicality and elegancy, etc.


Innovative Points:

-  High efficient servo motor which is powerful, small, light and energy-saving.

-  The control system is scientific designed, hided inside the machine. The air flow space is increased for fast cooling, so the temperature rising is slow, and it also reduce the plush absorbing. All keep the system work steadily. The servo electronic chip is lightening-protection and anti-interference. All the main electronic components are from world’s famous manufacturers, which ensures the performance more stable and reliable.

-  Intelligent operation panel is beautiful and practical, which is novel designed and easy to operate.

-   The arc design is smooth and fashionable.

-   The power assistance device make cutting easier.

-   Comfortable L handle is optional.

-   The shape, size and angle of plate and wing are improved, which reduced pushing resistance to make cutting more free.

-   Plumbagos are embedded in the slide to make it lubricative and against lock, postpone abrading sliding surface, extend its service life and lower the noise when working. It can work with a little oil.

-   The oil-maintaining device of helical gear unit is pretty lubricative, which can prolong the service, reduce abrasion and auto-sharpening noises and protect fabrics from being contaminated.

-   Surfaces of ram, pin, and helical gear mandrel are specially processed to make them lubricative anti-wear-resistant ability, prolong the service life, reduce noise and frictional resistance, prevent the cooperation among the ram, pin and helical gear from being locked. They can work with a little oil.

-   Overall Bearing Rollers are not oiling or easily to be abraded and avoid being stopped by cashmere dust. The service life is long and noise is low.

-   The material and processing technology of throat plates are improved, using wire cutting process of high-speed steel. The high hardness, sharp edges and long service life ensure the cut bottoms of fabrics to be straight and reduce nap. It improved the cutting quality and efficiency.

-  With strong wind and convective ventilation, the integral fan reduces the temperature caused by motor and intelligent control system.

-  Big capacity, anti-breaking oil cup is directly fastened to the machine surface, which avoids breaking and oil spilling on delivery or improper operation.

-   The bearing and shaft are integrated as a fixed structure. It is ultra-high speed, anti-wear, high temperature, lubricative, reducing idling noise and improve service life.


Color Options:

Red, Golden, Green, Blue, White, Black










N.W. (KGS)

G.W. (KGS)


110 / 220




6”, 8”, 10”, 12”, 13”, 15”

110, 160, 210, 260, 285, 335




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