DY-X708B is improved from DY-X708. The motor cover, front and back casings are rounded and ventilated, which is more practical and fashionable.


It is user-friendly designed, applying mechatronics principles of efficient energy-saving servo motor rotation, gear transmission and microelectronics control system. It chooses advanced special servo-motor, 16 bits special chips of strong anti-interference, hard, precise, anti-wear and high quality spare parts, adopting advanced technology and quality system management and production and testing equipments of CNC, wire cutting. 

The structure and surface of many important spare parts are improved.


The main performance us as follows:

1. User-friendly interactive interface, computer control, easy operation. 

2. By button or knob, the speed is adjustable from 1000 to 4000 r/min and the power is from 500 to 1400W (0-9 levels). The power is automatically compensating in a loading situation, which meets the requirement that different fabrics needs different power.

3. It has protective system, which can automatically test the speed, power, voltage, load, out-put short circuit, coding error, condition of sharpening sensor, etc.

4. When sharpening, the speed keeps at 3000 r/min. After it, the speed will revert to previously setting state.


DY-X708B is an ideal cutting equipment for fabrics in garment, textile, bags, leather and bedclothes industries. It has the features of adjustable speed and power, energy saving, environment-friendly, strong cutting performance, anti-ware, auto-sharpening, long service life, high efficiency, strong power, low noise, small vibration, no temperature-rising, smooth cutting edge, steady function, good safety, easy operation, elegant appearance, multi-function, etc.

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