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The brand strategy

During the five stages of development, the ocean brand has been accumulating and perfecting in the past 30 years, never giving up any efforts to realize the mission of "Ocean world brand", and gradually accumulating the unique connotation of the Ocean brand. At present, Oceania company owns the following brands: famous Oceania brand, Black Gold gang, SHIFT (beyond), Aotman brand, as well as the new dynamic colors full of fashion elements -- red King Kong, blue King Kong, yellow King Kong, green King Kong, white King Kong, silver King Kong and other king Kong series brands.
Brand is a summary of consumers'/customers' expectations of an enterprise and a product, as well as a carrier for an enterprise to convey effective elements such as corporate image, corporate culture and product concept to the target market and establish a solid relationship with the target group. With the development of market economy and the intensification of enterprise competition, brand strategy is of more and more important significance to the development of enterprises. It is possible to achieve sustainable development of enterprises to do a good job in enterprise brand strategy and give play to brand effect.
Zhejiang dayang sewing machine co., LTD., since entrepreneurship development, comprehensive scientific understanding of brand strategy, to build brand enterprises in adapt to market development needs, starting from the ultimate goal of creating brand earlier, took the lead in the industry on September 20, 1992 by the state trademark office approved the seventh class (610965) cutting machine register goods and services categories. Enterprises since the brand establishment, spare no effort to through its own development business, in the late 1990 s, zhejiang dayang sewing machine co., LTD., China sewing machinery association cutting machine industry, continue to maintain industry reputation and status, technical and economic indicators have a qualitative leap, sprint towards the international first-class brand objectives...


  Zhejiang DAYANG Sewing Machine Co., Ltd.The brand strategy goal is: not only to do the ocean of China, but also to do the ocean of the world!
  Zhejiang DAYANG Sewing Machine Co., Ltd.Brand strategy slogan: we are committed to creating a global brand!

Brand strategy and strategy at present:

In the high-end market in the challenger position, use the existing marketing and price advantages, further strengthen the brand image. In the low - and medium-end market in a leading position, comprehensive enhance the strength of the enterprise.

1. Give full play to channel advantages, increase investment in science and technology, and build an effective defense system against local brands in the middle and low-end markets with the help of the big domestic market;
2. Improve product quality, adjust product price and change brand promotion mode;
3. Adhere to the brand internationalization strategy;
4. Repositioning and subdividing the market for the company's customers, and redefining the target customers;
5. Take the brand high-end customer route;
6. Identify differentiated business areas and brand distribution advantages for competitors.


Brand strategy development focus in the future:

Increase investment in technological innovation and enhance the added value of Ocean brands. In terms of technological innovation, Oceania company is closer to big international brands, striving to break through the progress of various core technologies and enhance the overall value of Oceania brand.

Second, to create brand culture, improve the brand cultural attributes, strive to raise the brand to the level of cultural attributes, so that the brand value is really improved, the enterprise core competitiveness can be more lasting;

Third, consolidate the local market and explore the international market. While pursuing internationalization, Oceania companies should not weaken their attention to and investment in the domestic market. Only by stabilizing the domestic market can they have the backing of the international market.
We firmly believe that Oceania, relying on its own unremitting efforts, high standards, strict requirements, and dedication to do a good job in the brand work, to cultivate a more suitable for the majority of consumers to recognize the good brand, good service! Let dayang brand in the current "zhejiang famous trademark" on the basis of gradually "China well-known trademark", "China famous brand products" and "world famous brand products" and other titles.

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