Brand is the consumer / customer of a business, a summary of all the desired products, but also the business passed to the target market corporate image, corporate culture, product philosophy and other effective factors and target groups to establish a solid relationship with a carrier. With the development of market economy, as the business competition, the brand strategy for the development of enterprises has become increasingly important, good corporate brand strategy, play a brand, it is possible to achieve sustainable development of enterprises.

  Zhejiang DAYANG sewing machine Co., Ltd. Business development process from the beginning, comprehensive and scientific understanding of brand strategy, in response to market needs in shaping the company's brand, established brand from the early ultimate objective, the first in the industry on September 20, 1992 by national Trademark Council approved the seventh class (610,965) cutting machine goods and services class registration. Since the establishment of corporate brand has spared no effort in the development of entrepreneurship through its own, the late 1990s, the ocean became the China Sewing Machinery industry leader in cutting machine, continue to maintain industry leadership, technical and economic indicators hit a record high, toward the world-class the brand's target sprint ...

  Our Brand strategy goal is: not only do the Chinese ocean, but also to do the world's oceans!

  Our Secretary of the brand strategy slogan: We are committed to building the world's oceans brands!


  Brand development through the five stages:
  Brand was founded 1992 to 1996 period
  1997 to 1999, phase adjustment operation
  2000 to 2002 high-speed development stage
  2003 to 2005 rebranding stage of development
  Professional development stage since 2006
  In this comprehensive five-stage development process, the ocean brand in the past 20 years continue to accumulate and perfect crystals, never give up any efforts to achieve the "Ocean World Brand" this mission, the gradual accumulation of the brand's unique ocean the content. Ocean Company currently owns brands including: well-known ocean brand, King Kong, SHIFT (beyond), Australia Waterman brand, and the rich fashion element of the new dynamic color --- Red Diamond, Blue Diamond, Huangjin Gang Green King Kong, Bai Jingang, silver and other Diamond series Diamond brand.


  Brand strategy and tactics at this stage: the high-end market in the challenger's position, use of existing marketing and price advantage, and further strengthen the brand image. In the low-end market leader in comprehensive and enhance their strength. 1, to play the channel edge, investments in technology, with a large domestic pet market in the low-end market for local brands to build an effective defense system; 2, improve product quality and adjustment of product prices, changes in brand extension model; 3, adhere to the take the brand international strategy; 4, the market for corporate customers to re-positioning and segmentation, re-identifying the target customers; 5, take the brand line of high-end customers; 6, for the competitors to determine the differences in distribution of business and brand benefits .

  Focus on brand strategy development in future periods: First, the increase in technological innovation, to enhance the ocean brand value. Technological innovation in the ocean with big international brands draw closer, the core technology for breakthrough leading brands to enhance the overall value of the ocean; Second, brand culture, brand culture, improve the properties and strive to rise to the cultural attributes of the brand level, so brand value really be enhanced core competitiveness of enterprises is more to be lasting; Third, the consolidation of the domestic market, international markets. Ocean in pursuit of the same international, should not undermine the importance of the domestic market and investment, only the strong local market, have the backing of the international market.

  We believe that the ocean's tireless efforts on their own, high standards and strict requirements, dedication and hard work to make the brand work, and encouraged more consumers recognized for good brands, good service! Brand in the ocean so now "Zhejiang Province", based on the gradual move towards the "China Famous Brand", "China Famous Brand" and "World Famous Brand" and so on, so sing the ocean become the industry's global market arena the main theme.

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